The Lord cut off Holofernes’ head…

Holoferni Caput Dominus Abstulit per Manum Judith

…through the hand of Judith, the Latin inscription on this 1547 engraving by Hans Sebald Beham reads.


Corinthian Capital

Giocondo Albertolli 1798

Architectural drawing after Giocondo Albertolli, 1798.

Wien, Opernhaus

Photochrom by E. Neudorfer, numbered 6440 P.Z., c. 1900.

Flower Still Life with Berries

Supposedly from the circle of Josef Lauer, Vienna 1818–1881.

Two Knights Playing Backgammon

From the Manesse Manuscript, early 1300s.

Queen of Animals

Nine card decks from the 15th century are known, two of them are usually ascribed to a goldsmith, engraver and draughtsman known only by his initials ES. In the smaller one, the four suits are helmets, coats of arms, humans, and animals. This is the Queen of Animals.

Egg Dance…

…in Bhopal, as described by Louis Rousselet. The dancer wears a crown of eggs for the dance and rapidly moves without smashing the eggs against one another. To end the dance, she must withdraw each egg from the string delicately without disrupting the movement. Wood engraving, 1878.