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The Lord cut off Holofernes’ head…

Holoferni Caput Dominus Abstulit per Manum Judith

…through the hand of Judith, the Latin inscription on this 1547 engraving by Hans Sebald Beham reads.


Queen of Animals

Nine card decks from the 15th century are known, two of them are usually ascribed to a goldsmith, engraver and draughtsman known only by his initials ES. In the smaller one, the four suits are helmets, coats of arms, humans, and animals. This is the Queen of Animals.

Egg Dance…

…in Bhopal, as described by Louis Rousselet. The dancer wears a crown of eggs for the dance and rapidly moves without smashing the eggs against one another. To end the dance, she must withdraw each egg from the string delicately without disrupting the movement. Wood engraving, 1878.


The human digestive and respiratory system seen as a chemical plant. Chromolithograph by Fritz Kahn, 1926, from his book Das Leben des Menschen. Click for full size.

Yu no ka

The fragrance of a bath, shin hanga print by Itō Shinsui, 1930.

Anton Seder…

Naturalistische Decorationsmalereien, 1897.

Tulipa Globosa…

…serotina, aureo colore punctata, cinnabrio colore.

From Hortus Eystettensis, sive Diligens et accurata omnium plantarum, florum, stirpium, ex variis orbis terræ partibus, singulari studio collectarum quæ in celeberrimis viridariis arcem Episcopalem ibidem cingentibus, hoc tempore conspiciuntur delineatio et ad vivum repræsentatio, opera Basilii Besleri Philiatri et Pharmacopoei, M.DC.XIII.