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Wien, Opernhaus

Photochrom by E. Neudorfer, numbered 6440 P.Z., c. 1900.



Arturo Toscanini with his wife and an unidentified woman, 1920s

Johann Strauß-Theater, Wien IV

The Johann Strauß-Theater, designed by Eduard Prandl, was built in 1908, when the Viennese operetta was at the height of its success. It stood in the fourth district, Favoritenstraße 8, and held 1200 people. It was opened October 31, 1908, with an adaption of Indigo, the first operetta that Johann Strauss the Younger had written, and mainly housed operettas by Emmerich Kálmán and Franz Lehár.

In 1928, Josephine Baker danced on its stage, one last highlight. The great days of the operetta were over, in 1931 it was converted to the cinema Scala, but used as a music hall as well. Under the Soviet occupation, it was used as a theater again, but the shows were ignored by critics for political reasons. It closed in 1956 and was demolished in 1959.


Pierre Dubreuil, 1908.

Charles Baudelaire

Photography (woodburytype by Étienne Carjat, 1863.
Baudelaire was not all too fond of photography,
but posed for the camera several times.

Alfred Stieglitz: Venetian Canal

Alfred Stieglitz: Venetian Canal, 1894.
An example of Pictorialism.