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Egg Dance…

…in Bhopal, as described by Louis Rousselet. The dancer wears a crown of eggs for the dance and rapidly moves without smashing the eggs against one another. To end the dance, she must withdraw each egg from the string delicately without disrupting the movement. Wood engraving, 1878.



…by Emma Sandys, 1873. Black and colored chalks on paper.

A Vase, 1876

Minton & Co, made by Louis Marc Emmanuel Solon and Henry Sanders. Tinted and glazed Parian porcelain, with polychrome pâte-sur-pâte and gilding. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Oscar Wilde: By the Arno

The oleander on the wall
Grows crimson in the dawning light,
Though the grey shadows of the night
Lie yet on Florence like a pall.

The dew is bright upon the hill,
And bright the blossoms overhead,
But ah! the grasshoppers have fled,
The little Attic song is still.

Only the leaves are gently stirred
By the soft breathing of the gale,
And in the almond-scented vale
The lonely nightingale is heard.

The day will make thee silent soon,
O nightingale sing on for love!
While yet upon the shadowy grove
Splinter the arrows of the moon.

Before across the silent lawn
In sea-green vest the morning steals,
And to love’s frightened eyes reveals
The long white fingers of the dawn.

Fast climbing up the eastern sky
To grasp and slay the shuddering night,
All careless of my heart’s delight,
Or if the nightingale should die.

— Originally published in the Dublin University Magazine, 1876.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Fiammetta

Behold Fiammetta, shown in Vision here.
Gloom-girt ’mid Spring-flushed apple-growth she stands;
And as she sways the branches with her hands,
Along her arm the sundered bloom falls sheer,

In separate petals shed, each like a tear;
While from the quivering bough the bird expands
His wings. And lo! thy spirit understands
Life shaken and shower’d and flown, and Death drawn near.

All stirs with change. Her garments beat the air:
The angel circling round her aureole
Shimmers in flight against the tree’s grey bole:

While she, with reassuring eyes most fair,
A presage and a promise stands; as ’twere
On Death’s dark storm the rainbow of the Soul.

— Inscribed on the frame of A Vision of Fiammetta, 1878.