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Queen of Animals

Nine card decks from the 15th century are known, two of them are usually ascribed to a goldsmith, engraver and draughtsman known only by his initials ES. In the smaller one, the four suits are helmets, coats of arms, humans, and animals. This is the Queen of Animals.


Female Knight of Swords

The Cary-Yale Visconti deck may be the oldest Tarot deck in existence. It is one of several hand-painted Italian decks that the Visconti family commissioned in the 15th Century. 67 cards remain in existence.

The Cary-Yale Visconti deck is unique in that it seems to have been created with 6 court cards per suit rather than 4 as in traditional Tarot decks. The knights and valets too come in a male and female version.

The deck was created between the 1420s and 1460s in Milan. It is sometimes ascribed to Bonifacio Bembo.